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IL Resources for Providers

  IL RESOURCES FOR PROVIDERS Effectively Engaging Youth Authentic Youth Engagement (Video Series by ACF) Alabama's Fostering Hope Scholarship + ETV Informational Video Measuring Relationship Permanence of Youth Aged Out - Insights + Recommendations for Creating Better Outcomes Dating Matters - Strategies To Promote Healthy Relationships IL CASE MANAGEMENT TOOLS VIDEO 3 Step De-escalation Technique (help diffuse tense situations) SELF CARE RESOURCES Permanency Pact Kids To Love - Camp Hope CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE NYTD SURVEY FINANCIAL + HOUSING ASSISTANCE RESOURCES MONEY MANAGEMENT Money Geek - Financial Resources for Youth Aging Out Monthly Budget Calculator Auto Loan Calculator Financial Tips Free Tax Prep Free Credit + Debt Counseling FINANCIAL HEALTH CARE Alabama Medicaid HOUSING ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS Youth Towers Second Shift Positive Movement Inc. Family Connection Inc. Safe Harbor Foster Youth to Independence Application CLOTHING + SUPPORT Big House Alabama Foster + Adoption Par