GEAR UP Birmingham

GEAR UP Birmingham is offering over 25 free camps to Birmingham City School's rising 9th and 10th graders this summer.  These camps cover subjects that include: math, writing, earth science, theatre, game design and much more.  The deadline to register is April 17, 2017.  Make sure your students are prepared for the upcoming school year by registering for a camp today!

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NSORO College Bound Summer Camp 2017

It’s that time of year again!  Please submit your applications for nsoro College Bound Summer Camp 2017.  There is a strict May 5th deadline and a few changes from last year’s application process.  First,  please note that the recommendation must come from the campers teacher or advisor at school.  It cannot come from the social worker, instructions for this are included in the application.  Second, the application really needs to be completed by the camper with assistance from the social worker.  Social Workers should not be completing the application without the campers input. Third, once the application has been submitted to Alabama REACH it will be reviewed and if the camper is selected the social worker will receive an additional packet of information including release of liability forms, what the camper should/should not bring, medical forms, etc. so it is important to get applications in quickly to ensure enough time to complete all forms.  Campers with incomplete packets will not be allowed to attend.

20/20 The Forever Family? Harris Family Adopts Three Abused Sisters.

New 20/20 The Forever Family? Harris Family Adopts Three Abused Sisters
It was a story that made international headlines: an Arkansas state legislator “re-homed” two of his three adoptive daughters after fearing for his own biological children’s safety. The scandal became the first time many had heard of the national concern of “re-homing,” which in many states is putting adopted kids in a new home with little regulatory oversight. In this case, the girls were handed to a man who turned out to be a pedophile.

Surviving Foster Care: 2 Brothers, 2 Different Paths

Photographs by Max Whittaker/Prime Collective

For the brothers Terrick and Joseph Bakhit, childhood in Southern California was a precarious and often brutal experience: a mother addicted to crack and often in jail, a grandmother who beat them. In 2007, when Terrick was 12 and Joseph was 11, they ran away to an older sister’s home but eventually landed in foster care, where a good outcome was anything but certain.

Although child-care officials had promised to keep them together, they were separated and ended up in a series of foster families or group homes. At 17, Terrick, demoralized and unruly, “made the stupid decision of stealing a group home car,” was arrested and sentenced to juvenile detention for 11 months. Adrift upon release and without financial or personal support, he ended up homeless and addicted to crystal meth. To read more on this story by Celina Fang Click Here.

April Dream Council Meeting

Don't miss the next Dream Council meeting on April 22, 2017 at the Dallas County DHR from 10:00am-2:00pm. Our last Dream Council meeting was a hit, so make sure you bring your youth to this event.


Fostering foster care

Fostering foster care

This editorial appeared in The Gaston Gazette
Foster care for abused, neglected and dependent children is in a "state of crisis" in North Carolina, according to state officials and others studying the issue.
Ideally, foster care finds good homes on a temporary basis for youngsters and teens who cannot live with their own families for a variety of reasons — homelessness, parent illness or alcohol and drug abuse.
For the past few years, however, the number of children needing foster care has grown far faster than the number of families willing to take them. The Children's Home Society, the nonprofit that oversees most foster placements in North Carolina, reports it had nearly 3,000 referrals last year, but only 364 new families to take them. Since 2011, the number of North Carolina children in foster care has grown from 11,000 to 15,000.

To read more on the story from the Gaston Gazette Click Here.

Immigration Fight Spills Into House Foster Care Bill Debate

By DAVID SALEH RAUF, Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The opening efforts by the Texas House to solve the state's foster care crisis erupted into a fierce debate over immigration on Wednesday, when a Republican lawmaker proposed ending financial assistance for adoptions of at-risk children by relatives in the country illegally.

Lawmakers eventually passed the chamber's first two major bills of a legislative session that began nearly two months ago — both aimed at mending foster care system that a federal judge has ruled is unconstitutional — but not before a roughly hour-long, raucous argument over immigration that featured accusations of racism.
To read more on this story CLICK HERE.

2.28.2017 New hope for kids aging out of foster care


‘You learn things from the program. They teach you to write a résumé, to talk in an interview. They teach you how to keep smiling,” says Kaysanty Cabral. Perhaps this last skill seems like an easy one, but for Cabral, who spent six years in foster care before aging out of the system a couple of years ago, there weren’t so many reasons to smile.
But thanks to a program called America Works, which matches low-skill job seekers with companies that need employees, Kaysanty is beating the odds. To read more on this story by By Naomi Schaefer Riley in the New York Post Click Here.

2.27.2017 The foster father who cares when terminally ill kids have no one....

Mohamed Bzeek has become somewhat of a local hero in Los Angeles, taking on a life mission that few others would consider: as a foster parent who cares solely for terminally ill children. Special correspondent Gayle Tzemach Lemmon meets Bzeek, a former Libyan immigrant who depends on his Muslim faith as he juggles intensive caretaking and heartbreak, as well as his own battle with cancer.

2017 Networking Conference April 4th-6th, 2017

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You still have until March 17th to get registered for the 2017 IL Networking Conference! 

IL workers! 
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We are going to have fun focusing on both your needs and the needs of the youth we serve! 
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*Group homes and residential facility staff are highly encouraged to attend as well!
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