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Supporting Foster Youth & Families Through the Pandemic Act This was introduced by Rep. Danny Davis (D- IL) and Rep. Jackie Walorski (R - IN) on Aug 7, 2020. The proposal includes almost every #UpChafee ask, and so much more to help families through this crisis!If enacted, the Act would:Provide $400 million for Chafee to help youth with education, employment, financial management, housing, emotional support and assured connections to caring adultsExpand Chafee eligibility through age 26Reserve an extra $50 million for Chafee Education & Training Vouchers, and raise the amount per youth from $5,000 to $12,000 each yearRemove the 30% cap on room and board and other education/work requirements for ETV and extended careMoratorium on aging out (and allows for re-entry into care)And other important provisions to support families through the COVID pandemic, including increased funding and support for:Prevention programsMaryLee Allen Promoting Safe and Stable Families ProgramCourt Impr…

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