Give the NYTD Survey

In this video, young people discuss why it's important for state child welfare agency staff to administer the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) survey to youth transitioning out of foster care.

Did You know........

Did you know that MISS USA 2000 LYNNETTE COLE was a former adoptee.  This goes to show that no matter what situation you come from, your dreams can always come true.  Lynnette  came in from the cold - to a warm, wonderful loving home with Larry and Gail Cole of Columbia, Tennessee where they enjoyed a close-knit family circle where 127 foster siblings were raised over the course of 15 years. To read more about this story CLICK HERE.

This is the Kind of Heartwarming Adoption Story Thatll Make You Cry

All families are different. The Welstead family knows you should never give up on your family, no matter how different or difficult your life seems. Listen to their story.

Not Too Late for a Mother

I was 3 years old when I went into care. The agency blamed my mom for using drugs, and my mom blamed my dad for abusing her. I am 17 now, and to this day, I do not know the truth. I am even scared to find out the real reason I am in care and why my parents did not try harder to get me back. I look at my parents now as changed people trying to be better. To read the rest of this story written by Leah Abreu-Negron Click Here.

Did You know..........

Did you know that Actor/Comedian Tommy Davidson was in Foster Care? Davidson’s mother was a black civil rights activist in Mississippi. At a time when there were few supports for single mothers, his mom was unable to raise him herself and gave Tommy to a friend, also a civil rights worker, who eventually adopted him.  Perhaps best known as one of the original cast members of the hit television show In Living Color, where he became nationally known with his excellent impressions of Sammy Davis, Jr. and Michael Jackson. Davidson worked to turn his success on television into a growing motion picture career. To read more about Tommy Davidson's story Click Here.
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