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2020 Networking Conference

We have been spending the last several months encouraging our young people and young adults to care for themselves holistically, from the INSIDE/OUT! We want to equip you with what is needed to ensure you are extending these ideas to our young people! We are doing that by bringing together all of the awesome people who work with IL youth to brainstorm, exchange ideas and develop strategies for years to come!
Sign up for Networking Conference today to engage in workshops and training that will cater to the needs of our youth in foster care and assist them in successfully leaving the foster care system. This is also a great opportunity to voice your challenges, concerns and highlights of last year.
IL partners and agencies from all over the state will be at this event you don't want to miss! ***We highly encourage social workers who work specifically with IL youth attend this conference!***
DHR workers: Please ensure you have checked with your ILP Coordinator …

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