Birmingham Public Library to Host Two Money Smart Week Events, April 20 and 21

Money Smart Week 2015 offers free events throughout Alabama focused on financial education for all ages and walks of life. The Birmingham Public Library will host two events: "How to Use Mergent and Morningstar Databases for Business and Investing Research" and "How to Get Started with Investing."

How to Use Mergent and Morningstar Databases for Business and Investing Research" is scheduled for April 20, 2015, at 2:30 p.m. in the Regional Library Computer Center/Central Library/Linn-Henley building/4th floor. This program will provide novice and experience investors information on how to select and monitor their investments using Mergent and Morningstar. It will also cover how to research a company before purchasing their stock.

"How to Get Started with Investing" is scheduled for April 21, 2015, at 1:00 p.m. in the Regional Library Computer Center/Central Library/Linn-Henley building/4th floor. Dr. Stephanie Yates, Director of UAB’s Institute of Financial Literacy, will describe the fundamental principle of investment and how a better understanding of these principles can lead to investment success.

When considering your personal financial goals, the Birmingham Public Library is a good place to go for free and authoritative resources on all aspects of personal finance. Stop by to check out some of the amazing resources we have to offer! 

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There is money available for both foster youth and former foster youth to help with education, housing, medical, transportation, and recreation expenses. Take advantage of the services offered!

Some possible sources of money....

  • Emancipation stipends: counties may have money for 18-21 year old emancipated foster youth to assist with housing, education and living expenses. Ask your county's ILP Coordinator.
  • ILP programs: counties provide money to youth who participate in the program as an incentive. Also, many programs have scholarships, grants, and funds for driver's training, computers, and recreational activities.
  • College Financial Aid: Foster youth are considered "independent" students. Therefore, they are eligible for maximum state and federal grants. Financial aid not only pays for tuition costs, but also helps pay for rent and living expenses at colleges and vocational schools. For information on college resources go to Financial Aid, and to Chafee $ for Education for information on Chafee Education Training Vouchers.
  • Welfare to Work: Former foster youth aged 18-25 are eligible for Welfare to Work funding for employment training, placement and services. Contact the local county welfare department listed under the County Government section of the telephone book to find the nearest Welfare to Work office.
  • Emancipation housing: Counties may use up to 30% of their ILP funds for housing for emancipated youth. Check with your ILP Coordinator about this.

For more information on any of these opportunities
for current and former foster youth, call the
Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman at:


There are many topics that could be brought to the worlds attention about foster care, but there is one topic that needs more attention  "Aging Out".  Aging Out is a hot topic in the foster care world and our youth have expressed interest in wanting more knowledge as there journey continues.  FosterClub has a wonderful transitions tool kit for our youth that are aging out of foster care and we encourage them to download this tool kit and map out there journey of life.    To view or download the transition tool kit CLICK HERE.

No Kid Should Age Out of Foster Care Alone in America

Remember when you were 17 years old and full of rebellious teenage energy? Now imagine that when you woke up on your 18th birthday, you were all alone. Imagine having to navigate the “real world” all by yourself at that tender age. Sure, at 18 you might have felt like an adult, but as you got older and gained perspective, you realized you still had a lot to learn and needed a lot of support and guidance. What if you had no one--no family, no support system at all? That is the predicament nearly 25,000 18-year-olds face each year when they “age out” of the U.S. foster care system. To read the rest of this story CLICK HERE.

CAMP LIFE I (17-20) JUNE 23-25,2015

Camp Life I(17-20 yrs.) is 3 day experience for youth ages 17-20 to learn ILP skills, grow and mature mentally and build supportive relationships all while having fun! It’s not your traditional camp. This camp is centered around youth in care and their success after care. To register your youth CLICK HERE .

The Danger Lurking in Just One Drink.....

What happens when alcohol and your brain collide? The surprising science behind why so many teens are ending up drunk, confused, embarrassed, in danger...or much worse. To read more CLICK HERE .- BY Jeannie Ralston.

Foster Care Alumni Graduating with MSW and Giving Back

Foster Alumni, Maria Hernandez, is graduating with a Masters Degree from Rutgers School of Social Work. Her ability to overcome difficult circumstances and successfully navigate her way into adulthood is an inspiration.
Beth Salamon wrote an article about Maria’s experience for Rutgers Today titled, “Former Foster Child Helps Families Looking to Adopt, Foster Children Seeking a Home”
Read the article on Rutgers Today here: Click Here per


Every year kids become victims of homicide. An epidemic that is killing a large number of youths. And we can help. This is a PSA produced by Miami World Cinema Center and Panzou, an organization made to help troubled teens and guide them away from violence and drugs. The actors in the video are not actors but actual kids that Panzou helps every day. And the video is part of a workshop that let me teach these kids


ReMoved was made with the desire that it would be used to serve in bringing awareness, encourage, and be useful in foster parent training, and raising up foster parents. Originally created for the 168 Film Festival, ReMoved follows the emotional story through the eyes of a young girl taken from her home and placed into foster care.

Demetrius Jackson: From Foster Home to Golden Dome

As a result of unfortunate circumstances, Demetrius Jackson entered Indiana’s foster care system at age 12. He originally thought foster care was going to be a short, temporary experience in order to take some burden off his bio-mom. To Demetrius’s disappointment, his time in care ended up lasting much longer.
Today, Demetrius is the starting point guard for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame as a sophomore. His ability to overcome obstacles and never give up has translated to success in both the basketball court and life.
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