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Strategic Planning Summary

On April 4, 2017, a group of professionals who serve Independent Living Youth across the state sacrificed their time and schedules and traveled to Ft. McClellan in Anniston Alabama and gathered for three days to discuss and plan solutions for youth ages 14-20 years old.  The goal?  Better outcomes and more success stories in order to remain a youth-focused village and to promote this year's theme of S.T.A.N.D. - "Stay Tru and Never Deviate."  Below are the barriers, successes and resources shared by DHR workers, providers and partners in various regions. 

Region I (Includes Russell, Bullock, Lee, Macon and surrounding counties)
Youth willingness to participate
Staff motivation (deadlines and dealing with anger and resistance)
Youth seeing DHR as "enemy"

Being honest and letting them know about life
Being sincere
Learning how to work together

Local banking systems allowing youth to come and learn budgeting and money management
Career centers and local colleges
Alabama Cooperative Extension (Real Life demonstration)
Local Restaurants- may sponsor meals, teach etiquette and proper manners

Region II(Central and Western counties includes Tuscaloosa, Jefferson, Shelby, Bibb and surrounding counties)
Foster parent participation

Youth who have jobs and are managers!

Driver's licenses through Vocational Rehabilitation
Sips and Strokes (For youth :) )
Home extension providing cooking lessons
Jefferson County brings in resources together once a month

More Networking Conferences
List of ILP coordinators to be shared with everyone
List of Conference participants shared with everyone (done!)

Region III(Northern counties includes Lauderdale, Morgan, Marshall, Madison and surrounding counties)
Not enough foster homes, they don't want older youth!
Obtaining bank accounts, no one to sign for them unless social workers comes in
Staff Turnover and interest
Getting foster parents to buy into importance of ILP meetings (mandate?)
Schools changing, step-down issues
Respond to referrals from group homes (Past following the youth)

Completing High School; completing Community College, now in University
Beauty College completion
Getting kids returned home

Using neighboring regions
Call community members (Job corps, military)
IL workers did workshops
Kids To Love
Networking conference - allows contacts and connections

Region IV (Southern counties include Mobile, Escambia, Conecuh and surrounding counties)
Frequent visits
Telephone life coaching
Relate to them based on experiences
Car time
Teach them about signs while driving
Discharge planning from the beginning
Continuing positive relationships with old counselors, foster parents, friends, family members and teachers
Multiple connections

Airbus - job training
Alabama Career System
Combine IL teens in one county, share success and talk about resiliency
Visiting resources

Region V (Southeast Region includes Crenshaw, Coffee, Houston and surrounding counties)
Behavior and mental Health needs; Little facilities for this population

Highly Motivated Kids
Have jobs, going to college

Local Churches
Houston county -transportation
Educate, communicate
Regional meetings

Region VI (Includes Montgomery, Wilcox, Greene, Bibb and surrounding counties)
Not many resources
Not enough foster homes, many older foster parents
Not much known about ILP
ISP's - limit what is available based on finances

ILP meetings number of youth
Reviews of ILP meetings to make sure youth are obtaining information
Letting them know funds are available
Working together: Brantwood brings most of kids, partner with others and share resources

ILP tool kit (Request a transition toolkit from IL here)
Brantwood creating binders and break it up section by section
Montgomery-Auburn; Summer youth programs
Access to professional kitchen, can plan meals
Kids 2 Love and Camp Hope

Region VII (Includes Talladega, Cleburne Etowah, clay and surrounding counties)
Lack of Foster homes that will take older youth
Lack of TLP/ILP placements
Lack of resources that meet the needs of teens
Transportation - very rural
Bus ran only in day
Very little housing for ILP youth
Employment; only has fast food
Many youth, not a lot of resources

Youth able to participate in ILP groups; take advantage of services and building connections through school and community events
Youth know each other and build each other up!
Sharing resources and keeping open line of communication

Housing Authority
Job Corps- Etowah County (Gadsden)
Alabama Baptist Children's Home
Well House
Girls Ranch
2 colleges: Gadsden State ( has a mentor program)


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