Ebone Kimber

Ebone Kimber is a licensed social worker who lives in Birmingham, AL.  She is from Montgomery, AL where her parents currently live and has two younger siblings.  She began her social work career by obtaining a Bachelor’s in Social Work from UAB in 2007 and continued her career by obtaining her Masters in Social work from the University of Alabama in 2009.  She worked as an intern and then worked with a TFC and Wraparound program, both as a frontline worker and a supervisor for almost three years.  She then transferred to work as a residential therapist, of which she remained for two years working directly with adolescents.  Ebone expanded her career by volunteering for camps, including Camp APAC and Camp LIFE.  Ebone acknowledges Camp Life as her inspiration behind becoming involved and becoming a lifetime advocate of youth and teens in foster care as she feels they have been ignored for a long time in the child welfare system.  Ebone hopes to change lives, educate and advocate across the state. 

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