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Alabama Department of Human Resources Independent Living Program

The Independent Living (IL) Program is a program developed in every county to guide youth toward success as adults. This is accomplished by providing independent living services for all eligible youth as authorized in their ISP and, when possible, through group activities. IL services shall occur concurrently with continued efforts to achieve permanency.

Youth Covered By Policy

All youth ages fourteen (14) years and older served by DHR shall receive IL services. This includes:
  • Youth in DHR custody who are currently living in a licensed approved out-of-home care placement or who are on a trial home visit;
  • Youth receiving on-going protective services; and
  • Youth ages eighteen through twenty years who (1) have been discharged from the system of care, (2) were in foster care on or prior to their eighteenth birthday, and (3) have returned to DHR to request services.

DHR Contact Information
Phone number (334) 242-9500
Fax number (334) 242-0939

Mailing address:
Alabama Department of Human Resources
Family Services Division
Independent Living Program
P.O. Box 304000
Montgomery, Al 36130


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