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OCTOBER Dream Council & Regional ILP Meeting

  We are holding a Dream Council meeting for youth in the Etowah Area and want to invite youth to attend. If you have youth who are current or would make great leaders for your county’s Independent Living group, this meeting is for them. Youth must be in the custody of the county referring them, between the  ages of 14 – 19  and have a desire to be a leader in their county IL program. During this time, county youth and staff will be a part of leadership training with Alabama’s Dream Ambassadors. Youth will be able to learn what it means to be a leader and how they can promote ILP in their area. Youth who attend will also assist with the Regional ILP Meeting held the following day. Registration should be completed by DHR county staff and should include no more than two youth and one adult from each county. Dinner will be hosted at training site by Children’s Aid Society. Transportation and lodging for Friday night will be handled through counties local IL funds. Registration is Mandator

Best Life Skills to Teach Teenage Foster Kids

SKILLS THAT FOSTER YOUTH NEED If you have teenage foster kids, you want to prepare them as much as possible for adulthood. Life skills are not always taught in detail at school, and you can teach these skills at home so that the kids will be well-rounded and mature adults in the real world. You can draw from your own experiences and use other learning tools such as online videos, books, and visits to local community centers. Here are some important life skills to teach your foster youth. 1.  Basic Cooking Skills When your teen learns how to cook foods properly, he’ll save plenty of money as an adult. Talk to him about food safety and a few good nutrition principles. Show him how to make some simple recipes and how to use certain cooking utensils. It’s also a good idea to teach him how to shop wisely for groceries so that he won’t blow his budget on them. If he is headed to college, get him one or two cookbooks so that he’ll have a recipe collection to start with. 2. Health and Hygiene