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Healing Trauma Through Art: Painting

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” We all need to find a outlet whether it's through music, writing, sports, dance, etc.  Whether you doodle mindlessly on a page or journal for hours, research suggests the act of creating art has powerful healing properties.  Art is healing because it forces you to forge a connection between your mind and your body. Unlike  exercise , which works your body, or  meditation , which clears your mind, art-making accesses both mind and body to promote healing. Every time you sit down to write a song or paint a picture, you’re using mental processes in a physically engaging activity.   Art therapy uses creative mediums like drawing, painting, coloring, and sculpture. For PTSD  recovery, art helps process traumatic events in a new away. Art provides an outlet when words fail. With a trained art therapist, every step of the therapy process involves art.  While talk therapy has long been used for PTSD treatment, sometime