The Impacts of COVID on Foster Youth

So many people were affected by COVID. Here are some stories to help our youth feel less alone and supported during these hard times. The following quotes were collected from young people, age 18-24, who experienced foster care and are now struggling through the COVID-19 crisis, often with limited or no family support.


“I do not want to return home to my biological family for many reasons and there aren’t any foster homes available. There are currently 7 people living in this 3 bedroom home and I am sleeping on the couch.” 


“I have a year-old baby and one on the way and due. Struggling to find care for the kids and a good paying job. It is stressful.” 


“I am a graduating college senior.
I cannot find a job. I can't move back home to family like many of my peers can. I'm scared of not making rent next month.” 


“Graduated this year, but no graduation due to Corona virus. I would like to have a therapist again.” 


“I am unable to buy enough food for the month
due to Covid-19.” 


“I am a former foster care youth and I do not have a family to ask for help or for shelter, at this time.” 


“I had to leave campus, but I was unable to go home to, so I have been staying on a family friend couch.” 


“It's been tough transitioning to online classes while trying to work to keep up with bills.” 


“Because of the epidemic, I can't go to school without work. Now life is difficult.” 


“I was ineligible because I am not
working at least 20/wk, do not have kids, and not participating in work study.” 


“I used to work but now the only income I have
is my food stamps.” 


“I wasn't prepared for being laid off while having all of my own payments. I am possibly dealing with losing everything.” 


“Next month I’m not really going to be able
to afford much food and I don’t know how/where to apply for SNAP.” 


“Trying to find a job to pay for my bills, I have no financial help at all, while taking online classes.” 


“I’m having a hard time not being able to see my loved ones in person and with having anxiety and depression it’s really not helping.” 


“I don't have that support system.” 


“Losing my job during COVID-19 has caused disruptions in my financial stability and mental well being. Without supports, I feel like I am drowning.” 


“During this pandemic those of us who didn’t have any savings or good jobs don’t have that cushion or do we have anyone to lean on during this time.” 


“I wish there were more homes. I had to go to hospitals and homeless shelters and crisis units until they found me a home.” 


“I'm scared because I age out in 9 months, and  I might not have any place to live.” 


“College student, was working a paid internship. No longer can work to generate income. Receive housing voucher but utilities add up.” 


“I have had shelter insecurity in the past and I am certain that COVID-19 is posing serious housing issues for many current and recent foster youth.” 


“I'm unable to obtain my inhaler and my ADHD meds because we're on such a tight budget right now.” 


“It’s been chaotic..I’ve been couch surfing and even had to sleep in a hammock in a backyard… got a room at a cheap motel some nights.”


“It's been 6 weeks and I still haven't gotten any correspondence from unemployment.” 


“I can't apply because food stamps require
that I work at least 22 hours a week in order to receive benefits.” 


“Foster youth are struggling with the social distancing and the delay in hearings.” 


“I've lost a lot of hours at work due to the virus and it scares me not knowing if I'll have enough to pay for my rent and other bills.” 

New Hampshire

“I was laid off from two of my previous part time jobs and my hours were severely cut for my third part time job because of  COVID.” 

New Jersey

“I have no money to buy food I haven’t eaten in 48 hours just trying to stay hydrated.” 

New Mexico

“Most of us have nothing and
no one and need help!” 

New York

“I pick up meals at local food distributions, however I am on a low sugar diet for health reasons and I cannot afford to buy special food. Now so I eat what I receive and often feel sick.” 

North Carolina

“As a foster youth we are more likely to be homeless, without stable income or support and are in need of more funds to keep us safe during this pandemic.” 

North Dakota

“I was evicted from my apartment and have been unemployed couch surfing since, especially from the start of COVID-19.” 


“I’m unable to get basic needs met, such as providing food for my family and myself.” 


“I aged out but since I don’t have
immediate family to turn to it’s a little hard during the time of COVID19.” 


“During this time, I feel extremely alone.
I live on my college campus and come summer, I might be facing homelessness since I have no family members to rely on to help me.” 

“It definitely has been a struggle knowing that I have no one to turn to for support and help.” 

Rhode Island

“Scared if I run out of supplies for my daughters and I and I’m not working and going through my last savings for buying food and supplies and not.” 

South Carolina

“I know what it's like to have little to no support as I transitioned into adulthood. I can't imagine facing adulthood during the pandemic right now.” 

South Dakota

“Living with a friend. Insufficient food.”


“This has been a very rough couple of months.” 


“I have no support system and no financial resources, I was laid off due to the coronavirus and  unable to work and provide for my kids.” 


“Can't work any of my jobs which means I likely will not have rent.”


“I was employed during covid 19 but had to quit due to hours being cut down to pretty much nothing. Money has been tight so getting food has been very hard.”


“If any one thing goes against the plan, my entire life could be in jeopardy. There are no family members to come rescue me if I am in trouble.” 


“This pandemic has further upset my PTSD and depression overall and made it really hard to focus on work and school, both of which I still am a part of during this crisis.” 

West Virginia

“It’s been really hard. I have no food.”


“My hourly pay has been cut by 10%.” 


“My hours were cut. I paid rent and my food was a little less.”

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