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College Students, Have You Heard About GuideSafe?

YOUR  university will reach out to you  regarding testing directives.  Search for  university email or email on file with your school for a message directly from either  or .  That communication will direct you to a  web link to register for a day and time at a testing location most convenient for you.   Once you   have your day and time set, the onsite test will involve a nasal swab just inside the nose that you  will do  yourself . Your  test results will be provided within 48 hours via an email from . If  the  test is positive, you   will be contacted by phone within 24 hours and given next steps.   Once entry testing is complete, know that the fight against COVID-19 on Alabama college campuses won’t stop. Ongoing efforts to lower risk of infection will include something called Sentinel Testing. This is a voluntary testing program that involves randomly testing a small percentage of a population to help trac