Three Month Long Paid Job Position With Think Of Us


Think of Us is hiring 5 Youth in Care or Alumni to serve as VIRTUAL Community Responders.  This is an opportunity to work with an organization with a national profile and be mentored.  People selected for this exclusive opportunity will earn:
  • Stipend - $2,100 per month + $1,000 starting sign on bonus (issued on your first day of work*)
If selected for this role, you will:
  • Provide support to Think of Us’ marketing strategy to shape messaging and communication efforts to raise awareness and increase use of the Command Center
    • Draft youth-centered content for the Command Center
    • Co-design state and national resource recommendations for young people
    • Provide perspective and insight to shape strategic direction of the Command Center
    • Co-design social media and communications strategy and content to better reach young people
  • Co-design child welfare interventions and solutions
    • Participate in internal Command Center team meetings to identify recommendations in response to critical questions from young people and child welfare leaders
    • Research relevant information and data to inform policy and practice guidelines for child welfare agencies
    • Collaborate with user researcher(s) on staff to conduct interviews/focus groups with relevant stakeholders
  • Support child welfare related organizing and mobilizing efforts of young people across the United States
    • Support the facilitation of virtual town halls to ensure the voices of young people are central to discussions about current issues and identifying solutions
    • Collect and analyze information from town halls to inform next steps 

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