Teens Wanted to Lead Efforts for UAB's Teen Health Week

The UAB School of Medicine is looking for teens to help lead efforts to educate and inform the community about improving their health. Behaviors of young people are influenced both positively and negatively by friends, family, schools, community, and society. Teen Health Week provides an opportunity across our local communities to emphasize young people’s health education and engagement in a positive way. Teens are agents of change and Teen Health Week specifically involves them in health discussions that can positively affect their well being. In addition to learning the very important skills of health self-advocacy, teens can positively influence health behaviors in other teens, their own families, and communities.

Teen Health Week Ambassadors will plan and lead Teen Health Week 2019 activities. Who can be a Teen Health Week Ambassador? Teens and young adults 12-24 years old who want to have a voice in their community, develop their leadership skills and learn more about issues that affect their future.

Applications are due January 25, 2019 and are available online. To apply CLICK HERE

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