Reflections from the Heart: Foster Care Awareness Month Series Pt. 2

Cheyenne's Story Continued...Click here to read Pt. 1
"I was already close to being evicted from my apartment but DHR had helped me out of that situation; but I knew that wouldn’t happen again. The idea of being homeless terrified me. So I did what I'm best at and made an impulsive decision. While the lady couldn't actually adopt me (not sure why), we were able to sign a Permanency Pact stating that she understood she would be responsible for me. She would be my support system blah blah blah. Anyway, I impulsively moved in with this woman. I hardly knew her, but that didn't bother me. I hardly knew anybody I've ever lived with. It's not like foster children know their next move right? So anyway, from December 2016 to around September 2017 I was happy as could be. I thought I had finally found where I belonged.
Well, on Labor Day things took a turn for the worse and I ended up homeless. I was staying with a coworker and ended up losing my job. So then I was homeless and jobless. I ended up getting up with the niece of one of my former foster parents and she allowed me to stay with her for a while. I applied for a nanny job through a website online and ended up moving to Texas for a live-in nanny job, which is what I am currently doing."   TO BE CONTINUED

Cheyenne's story is like many foster youth across the state of Alabama and the nation.  At Children's Aid Society of Alabama our IL program teaches social workers and other adults how to utilize Permanency Pact's appropriately.  The most important face to remember is to utilize Permanency Pacts for trusted individuals, natural mentors and to discuss it DURING an ISP meeting to make sure there is enough time devoted to ensure the Pact is going to be beneficial for the youth involved.  For more information about the Permanency Pact and its use, go to

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