Reflections from the Heart: Foster Care Awareness Month Series Pt. 4

From Cheyenne Pt. 4

"If you're a foster parent, start trying to help the kids who pass through your home. Push them like you would push your own child. Stop giving up when things get hard. When we see you give up on us it makes us give up on us. You know what the real world is like; teach the children in your home. It's never too late to create a loving, successful, human being. Foster children are not bad children. They deserve to be loved as if they are your own. If you can't love them like they're yours, then you don't need to be a foster parent.

DHR, continue trying to help. Pay attention to the kids in your case. Especially those you have in apartments. A foster child isn't always the quickest at asking for help. He/she isn't always just going to look at you and say, “I need your help.”  It's your job to check in and make sure they are getting all the mental, physical, and educational help they need. Sometimes it may seem like they are okay, but sometimes you need to look further. I only know this because I was a master at hiding my feelings from my caseworker. She thought I was becoming independent. She thought I was listening. Looking back, I wish I had been."
We cannot thank Cheyenne enough for her transparency in telling her story!  Want more?  Don't worry this is not the end of the series!  Cheyenne will continue to guest post for us throughout the year!

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