Reflections from the Heart: Foster Care Awareness Month Series Pt. 3

From Cheyenne, a former Alabama foster youth Pt. 3
For parts 1 & 2 click here and here!

"A foster child's entire life they dream about the moment they are free of the system. But the honest to God truth is, life after foster care is so hard. You always have that nagging feeling in your mind that nobody wants you. You still deal with all that mental baggage. You think moving from home to home is stressful. Wait until you no longer have those foster parents. You no longer have DHR to provide you with a home and clothes and food. Wait until you are in this world all alone not knowing what the next day holds.
No longer having a set routine. I should have taken advantage of everything foster care provides. Because now that I am out on my own and I never listened to DHR, I am having to teach myself how to cook, how to clean, how to fill out paperwork, how to talk to people. I have to teach myself how to control my anger because I can't afford anger management and I didn't take advantage of it when I was in foster care. I have to teach myself how to do everything because I was stubborn and didn't listen. In the real world you can't "fake it 'till ya make it.” The real world is harsh and will tear you down at the first mistake you make. In the real world you don't have DHR to help you out of difficult situations. You have to be an adult. You can't blame your problems on anyone but yourself. You can't call your GAL or social worker just because things aren't going your way. You have to do things on your own.
If you are a foster child reading this, take advantage of your situation. Learn everything you can. Stop being hateful towards your foster parents and listen to them. If you need anything, get it now. Learn all the skills you're going to need for the real world. Listen, listen, listen. Take it from someone who has been there and didn't listen."  TO BE CONTINUED

If you want to get foster youth more involved and help them build skills, register 14-16 year olds for Camp Life II!

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