Nsoro College Bound Summer Camp Accepting Applications!

Nsoro College Bound Summer Camp is June 24th-29th.   Applications will be completed online and all supporting documents must be uploaded before the application can be submitted.    Applications are due by May 7th.  Once an application is submitted we will conduct a phone interview to ensure that the camper is knowledgeable about the program and can demonstrate their willingness to attend and maintain good behavior. This year’s camp will feature interactive STEAM based curriculum that will include hands on experiential learning instead of the typical classroom style speakers we’ve had in the past. 


Please share this with all Social Workers who have foster youth that will be entering  9th-12th grade for the 2018-19 school year.  The application link is listed below.  They need to choose The University of Alabama in the drop down menu on the first question.  They will be required to set up an account and password prior to completing the applications.  Social Workers may do this for the campers but are encouraged to engage the camper in the application process to ensure they are well informed. 

Once a camper has been selected I will mail out additional paperwork that will be due by May 25th. 


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