Meet Cheyenne!!

"My name is Cheyenne. I'm 21. I've been in the foster care system since I was around the age of 10 or 11, and aged out when I turned 21. Since I've been out of care I've really tried hard not to become a statistic and I believe I'm doing a lot better than people thought I would do. I am now a full time Nanny, I write articles for IL connect, and I will soon start volunteering at an assisted living facility."
Cheyenne will be a guest blogger all month for IL Connect in honor of Foster Care Awareness Month.  Every week we will post something from her own words regarding her life in foster care and advice she has for others!  Thank you so much Cheyenne for your input, knowledge, wisdom and willingness to share your story with others!  We are so grateful for the lives you will change for your transparency!  


  1. People tell us when they enter Three Links they can feel a difference here – an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. We have a beautiful campus that people can call home, however, it is our staff that truly makes Three Links a special caring place. Those who work here, no matter their position, complete their duties with a passion in their heart. They want to do the best work they can do to care for each person with dignity and respect.


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