For this foster care teen, art helps ‘get my feelings out’ when words fail

As part of our series Age of Expression, teen artists from around Southern California share stories about the art they create and why they do it. Listen to the last installment featuring a young actor who found her "weird wonderland" in theater.
If any stick figures out there have been searching for an advocate, here she is:
"I tell everyone that stick figures are awesome," said Glorianna, "so don’t put them down when all you can say is, 'All I can draw is stick figures.' You can do a lot with stick figures."
Over the years, drawing and painting have given her a sense of ownership as she grew up without a real home to call her own. Glorianna has been in foster care since she was five years old. (We're not using her last name to protect her privacy). To read more on this story Click Here.

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