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What’s the Point of Adopting a 17-year-old Kid?

What’s the Point of Adopting a 17-year-old Kid?

it might be easy to think, “They only have another year and then they’re out.” But it's not that simple.

article imageJessica Good November 04, 2015
A quick story about young-adult me: When I was in college, I got a scholarship and grants to cover most of my tuition. I worked the night shift at a grocery store to pay for insurance, transportation, and my phone, and I took my classes during the day. At one point, I got into a car that cost much, much more to maintain than I had anticipated. I was at a loss—I needed a car to get to campus, I was working as much as I could while still leaving time for class, and I didn’t have enough money to keep my car running.
Insert mom and dad. They helped me trade the car for something more reliable, and paid the difference. They stepped in so that I could have the transportation and the time I needed to attend class. I thanked them endlessly, stayed in school, and graduated on time. The end.
It’s not a terribly noteworthy story, and it comes from a person who has always had the security of a family backing me up. But, in researching for this article, I considered what the outcome might have been had I found myself in that situation, at 18, with no parents to help me. Honestly, something as ordinary as a high-maintenance car that I couldn’t afford could have meant dropping out of school and losing my scholarship.
But that’s the thing. 
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