The nsoro Educational Foundation Guardian Scholars CollegeBound Program

The nsoro Educational Foundation Guardian Scholars CollegeBound Program is modeled after the pilot program lauched in California State Schools. Our design affords emancipated foster youth the continuum of care and support provided by Social Workers and Case Managers while students are in high school and are planning for enrollment in College.

Thanks to the generous program support from the AT&T Foundation, we launched our summer Precollegiate initiative at The University of Georgia and The University of Alabama in 2011.

During this innovative program High School students, currently in foster care attend a week long summer pre-college experience on the campuses of our partner schools. Students live in dorms and meet with college students, professors and admissions officers. This program stresses the importance of academic excellence and high school graduation. In 2016 students may apply to our programs. All program costs are provided by our generous presenting program sponsors the AT&T Foundation, Wilmington Trust and the Amerigroup Foundation. To sign up for NSORO Click Here.


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