15 Things I’d Change From My First Year Of Foster Care By: Mike Berry

I was driving my oldest son to school a few mornings ago when he began to ask me questions about the first few months he lived with us. I began to reminisce with him. It was the summer of 2004, it was hot, I was busy working full-time, traveling a lot, and we had little to no clue what we were getting ourselves into. But we were excited.

“Dad, how old was I when I had to leave my birth mom’s house and come to yours?” my son asked. “You were 13 months old buddy,” I answered. “Did I sleep at night when I first came to live with you?” he followed with. “Not really, no,” I answered. “Was I filled with a lot of energy?” “Um, you could say that! The first thing you did when I put you down for the first time was make a bee-line for the top of the stairs. I had to reach out and snag you before you toppled down head over heels!” He laughed and then looked at me with that big cheesy grin he often looks at me with. To read more on this story by Mike Berry Click Here.

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