Winning a Beauty Pageant Got Me Out of a Group Home and Into a Loving Foster Family

A year ago, I hit rock bottom: I was a ward of the state living in a group home. Now, I have an amazing foster family, a full ride to college, and the title of Miss Alabama's Outstanding Teen. 
Some people might think this is a Cinderella story, but I look at it as more of a success story than a fairytale. This is real life. It really happened.
I started getting abused in sixth grade, and it got worse as time went on. I was getting hit and called ugly names, and made to believe everything was my fault. I'm sure people knew what was going on, because kids didn't want to play at my house after school. My family was dealing with the Department of Human Resources, which is like Child Protective Services. It was just a really bad situation. The summer before 11th grade, I felt like things couldn't get any worse. 
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In court, the judge basically said that she'd tried to make my situation at home work for me, but that it just wasn't a healthy environment for me anymore. She said she wanted me to continue growing as a person, and that I couldn't do that where I was. That summer, the DHR took custody of me, and there was a no-contact order against both sides of my family, which means I couldn't be in contact with my mom or dad. I felt really lonely, because I couldn't talk to anyone. I didn't have anyone. To read more on this article via Click Here .

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