There is money available for both foster youth and former foster youth to help with education, housing, medical, transportation, and recreation expenses. Take advantage of the services offered!

Some possible sources of money....

  • Emancipation stipends: counties may have money for 18-21 year old emancipated foster youth to assist with housing, education and living expenses. Ask your county's ILP Coordinator.
  • ILP programs: counties provide money to youth who participate in the program as an incentive. Also, many programs have scholarships, grants, and funds for driver's training, computers, and recreational activities.
  • College Financial Aid: Foster youth are considered "independent" students. Therefore, they are eligible for maximum state and federal grants. Financial aid not only pays for tuition costs, but also helps pay for rent and living expenses at colleges and vocational schools. For information on college resources go to Financial Aid, and to Chafee $ for Education for information on Chafee Education Training Vouchers.
  • Welfare to Work: Former foster youth aged 18-25 are eligible for Welfare to Work funding for employment training, placement and services. Contact the local county welfare department listed under the County Government section of the telephone book to find the nearest Welfare to Work office.
  • Emancipation housing: Counties may use up to 30% of their ILP funds for housing for emancipated youth. Check with your ILP Coordinator about this.
For more information on any of these opportunities
for current and former foster youth, call the
Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman at:

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