Adoption Feature

Meet Eric

Eric, born September 1998 has a great personality, is very outgoing, and talkative. He is always smiling and playful and very inquisitive. He enjoys attending church and school and has lots of friends. He is a good singer who is active in the choir, and participates in the step dance team. He enjoys music and stated some of his favorite music artists were Justin Bieber, Usher, and Gucci Man. He is a talented artist. He enjoys playing video games, football and basketball. Alabama is his favorite football team.

He loves dogs. He is afraid of heights. He says that he wants a family to know that he is kind and nice to be around. Eric is quite independent and at times needs to be reminded that he is still a young adult. He would do well in a family that can support him through adulthood while letting him have a childhood.


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