You need to meet Alex

Meet Alexander!

Alexander, born June 1999 is a cute boy with a contagious smile. He earns good grades in school by completing his assignments and studying hard for tests. 

Outside of school, he likes playing video games, watching cartoons, playing on the computer, and drawing. Alex is polite and often enjoys helping his foster parents with household chores. 
Alex has Autism. He will benefit from parents that are consistent, patient and committed to helping him continue to develop and improve his social skills. He is immature for his age socially and emotionally. He needs to have structure and does not handle change in routine well. He needs to know what to expect daily. 
Alex likes to eat a variety of foods as long as they are bland. Ideally, Alex will find a home where he can have his own room because he is protective of his personal belongings. Alex’s older brother has been adopted and it is very important to both Alex and his brother that they be allowed to stay in touch with each other.

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