Worth a Look: First Aid Kits & Miracle Grow

First Aid

It is not uncommon to witness an accident that could require a first aid kit.  A well stocked first aid kit can be a true lifesaver.  A good place to have a first aid kit is in your car.

Most of the time you can buy a first aid kit from a local retailer.  Before you purchase it, make sure it has everything you would need.

Level 0 first-aid kit (rev2)

Your family can grow! 

Farming this year did not produce a bountiful harvest.  Farmers needed a special Miracle Grow to produce more.

Have you considered adding Miracle Grow to your family?  We are not suggesting you pour it on your heads. We are talking about being a miracle for foster youth.

Meet James R. he needs a family who will help him grow to his full potential!

James, born June 1998, is a handsome young man who is in need of a two parent family. James has stated he needs a positive male figure to teach him to be a responsible adult. James is a joy to be around and takes pride in his appearance. He likes to go shopping and knows he needs to make a good living when he gets older to feed his clothing budget. 

James loves to fish, and would like to study martial arts. He has also expressed an interest in playing football, and may pursue this when he enters high school next year. James's smile is contagious and he is a joy to be around. 

James is a good student in school, but has some issues staying focused. James would like to graduate from high school and attend college. He needs a family that will assist him in reaching this goal.


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