Worth a Look: Fast Food, S&P, & Video

Fast Food (Not what you think)

Parents and caretakers who need quick and easy recipes look no further.  We have quick recipes links to share!

S&P Shane and Thomas

Shane was born in April 1998. He is an active, energetic little boy. He is small for his age but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for with his bright smile and loving personality. 

Shane enjoys swimming and fishing. He likes to play video games and is an Auburn football fan. Shane has been baptized and enjoys attending Church regularly. It is very important to Shane that his adoptive family be active in Church. 

Shane has suffered much disappointment in his life and is currently working to develop age-appropriate coping skills as well as better ways to communicate with his siblings and peers. 

Shane currently receives special education assistance in all subjects. He has an IEP in place to address his needs. He needs assistance with staying on tasks and this is assisted by the use of medication. 

Thomas was born in February 1999 who is energetic who enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming and riding his bike. Thomas has been Baptized and enjoys attending church regularly. It is important to him that his forever family be involved in church. 

Thomas is serious and determined young man who works hard to overcome his past disappointment and strives to be successful in life. 

These boy ideal adoptive home would include a mother and a father. They need a forever family with lots of energy and unconditional love who will support them while providing them with a structured environment.

We leave you with a lighthearted video.  approx 30 seconds.


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