Worth a Look: Am I ready?

Am I ready for a relationship?

Social Media’s Growing Impact on Relationships - Infographic
For 17 years, dating was a big scary thing for this high school girl.  She recounts her story of meeting an attractive guy.  This story has a surprising twist.  What would you have done?  Full story.

Am I ready for homework?

Are you ready for homework?  Homework is an important part of a student's learning.  Sometimes it helps to have extra help and direction when doing homework.  There are 10 top tips to read before your next homework assignment.

Am I ready to adopt?

Alabama has many youth who need a forever home.  Today there are youth who desire to have a permanent family.  The Heart Gallery Alabama is an ideal place to visit if you are contemplating adoption.  They have many youth who are looking to find a home.  If you know someone thinking about adoption please forward this to them.


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