Worth a Look: Adoption by Crowdfunding

Adoption by Crowdfunding

Have you heard of crowdfunding?  It sounds like a complicated idea, but it is revolutionary to those seeking funds for special designations.  George and Janna Crawford used crowdfunding to basically "fund raise" their adoption.

Crowdfunding boils down to people who need money for a purpose and people who want to give money for a purpose they are passionate about.

The Crawfords are hoping to raise $26,000 for the cost of their adoption.  They already have a big home to hold many kids.  Their dreams is to have five maybe six children, as they both come from large families.

How the Crawfords did crowdfunding

College Application 

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At some point in your life you have thought, "What do I want to do the rest of my life?"  It's a major stress to those who are desperately seeking a college major after graduation.  There is no need to panic.

Most college students change majors at least twice during their time.  It's not uncommon for college students, even adults, to not know what they want to do with their life.  Choosing a college major does take some planning and thought.

Read how Melanie struggled with making a decision on a college major.  She brought a lot of unneeded stress, after she realized that most students are in the same boat.

Adoption Feature

Meet Patrick and Andrew

Patrick, born July 1996, is a sweet young man. He loves video games and basketball. He enjoys spending time with his brother as long as it is an activity that they both can participate in. Patrick is a very intelligent young man and makes awesome grades at school. 

Andrew, born July 1997 is an avid Alabama fan. He loves video games His brother, Patrick, is an Auburn fan so it is a brother's divided situation. Andrew enjoys spending time with his brother and although they are currently separated he cannot wait to get back together. Andrew is a thoughtful young man who longs to have a forever family who will give him and his brother the family they so deserve.

Inquire more about Patrick and Andrew!

Video of Patrick and Andrew


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