Worth a Look: School prep tips and get some sleep

Most students will start school within a few weeks.  Moving from summer, an enjoyable time, to a new school year can be stressful.  We have packed a few helpful tips for those of you getting ready for school!

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  1. Go by your school and get your school supply list.  (Sometimes they can be found at your local retailers.)
  2. Pack your backpack ahead of time with all the school goodies like: paper, pencils, markers, and a sweet treat!
  3. Visit the school and see who your teacher will be.  If the teacher leaves their contact info like an email, reach out to them and let them know how excited you are to have them as a teacher.
  4. Attend meet the teacher.  Most schools give you an opportunity for you to meet the teacher before school starts.  This is perfect if you have any concerns before starting.
  5. Shop for new school clothes.  Fresh clothes can make anyone feel like a rockstar!  A lot of department stores and closeout stores have huge promotions on clothes before the new year.  *Thrifty option: shop at consignment/thrift shop*
  6. Give your loved one a hug and tell them that you love them on the first day of school and every day after.

This little five letter word might be an unfortunate missing word - sleep.  Do you sleep enough?  How much do you sleep per night?  Do you wake up feeling tired? 

Tips to give you more sleep.

Nothing but sleep.


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