Worth a Look: New School Year

New school year

Summer activities are winding down rapidly and school activities are ramping up!

School puts everyone back into a routine.  No more sleeping late or staying up until the early hours of the morning.  School puts us into a regimen that takes a few weeks to get acclimated to doing.

The new school year also means meeting new teachers too.  Teachers are typically willing to help with any needs for the students.  Whether it be tutoring, encouragement, or a parent-teacher conference.  Conferences sound kind of scary, but they shouldn't be.  This is a great time for parents and teachers to dialogue about the students grades and behavior.  

We hope you and your youth have a wonderful new school year!   

Youth checkups

Keeping up with personal health is a lot, but also taking care of youth for checkups is important to maintain.  Youth need to have regular checkups to be healthy and it is a good preventative measure to maintain excellent health.  Full child checkup guide from age 1 through 18.


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