Worth a Look: Have you NYTD?

At IL Connect we value the National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD).  The State of Alabama's Independent Living program relies on the youth to complete it for survey funding.  It is extremely valuable to fill it out!

Why it's important:
Public law provides states with flexible funding to carry out programs that assist youth in making the transition from foster care to self-sufficiency. We depend on data to receive funding to facilitate programs. The monies allocated are dispersed according to the state's needs.

Who can participate:
Youth who turn 17 who are in foster care with a valid placement regarding their outcomes information. The State of Alabama will collect information at three specific intervals: on or about the youth's 17th birthday while the youth is in foster care; two years on or about the youth's 19th birthday; and again on or about the youth's 21st birthday. States must report on 19- and 21- year-olds who participated in data collection at age 17 while in foster care, even if they are no longer in the State's foster care system or receiving independent living services at ages 19 and 21.

It is very important that eligible youth complete this survey.  It allows Alabama to receive funding that continues vital programs for youth in independent living programs.  


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