Worth a Look: Dogs make great pets

If you don't own a dog you probably know someone who does.  There are hundreds of dog breeds they all have different personalities.  Some dogs are loyal, big, smart, loud, tiny, stinky, hungry, adorable, playful, and comforting.

In our Worth a Look segment we are going to Montgomery, AL to see Bob.  Bob is a therapeutic dog who provides comfort to children who have been victims of abuse.  He never meets a stranger and always brings love where it is needed most.  Meet Bob the therapeutic dog.

A follow up to last week's brief story on health insurance lingo. We have new facts on the Affordable Care Act on aging out foster youth.  The main takeaway is aging out of foster youth will be covered until age 26.  Read more on how the new health care laws will affect aging out foster youth.

Other highlights:
Changes to Alabama's mandatory child abuse reporting law. What do you think about the changes?  

How to prepare kids for a newborn.


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