Worth a Look: Summer Safety

Are you having a good summer?  We hope so!

Several families find themselves accidentally in an emergency room during the summer months.  The summer months bring more time outside and more possibilities of accidents happening.

We want you to be prepared just in case an accident arises.

If you have a smartphone download the American Red Cross- First Aid app.  You will find a huge database of first aid information that doesn't require an internet connection for operation.  That's a bonus if you are in a remote area.

Tick is a word we don't want to have in our vocabulary, but you should have a working knowledge of how to remove one when it decides not to leave.  Tick removal guide.

Love food?  Why yes we do!  Check out this guide on food safety.

Lately Alabama has been drenched in a monsoon of perputial rainfall.  Learn how to stay safe during a storm.

We hope that you continue to have a good summer!


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