College Foster Youth Receive Help

Foster care youth face difficult challenges and unfair expectations as college students.  When freshman begin their first year in school they have parents who can help them unload their dorm accessories.  Foster youth can show up with nothing but an admissions letter.

Foster youth want to be treated like everyone else.  As one foster youth put it, "I don't want nobody feeling sorry for me. Cause we get a lot of, you don't look adopted.  You don't look like you're in foster."

Alabama REACH has been supportive to college foster students through graduation.  It helps students do well in school and allows them to connect with youth with similar backgrounds.  It's funded by the university, grants, and donations.  Alabama REACH's goal is for foster youth to reach within, reach up, and reach outward.  Hear foster care students college stories from Alabama REACH.

Alabama REACH beneficiaries Maurice Foster and Michaela Sanderson take a short break between finals inside the Ferguson Student Center at the University of Alabama. Photo by Dan Carsen.


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