10 Fun Family Summer Activities

Summer is finally here!  The kids are out of school.  The parents are wondering how to keep the kids busy.

We've pulled a fun list of things you can do as a family this summer.  Most of them are inexpensive and perfect for any family!

Day 73: Kerns family self portrait {about me}
The list begins....
  1. Take a trip to a park.  Google map your neighborhood, I'm sure you'll find at least one park.  Most parks are free!
  2. Make ice cream Sundays outside.  All you need is an appetite.
  3. Rent a movie.  Simple.  Affordable.  Comfortable.
  4. Go camping.  You'll always create memories camping in the woods.  I've never forget the time I lost the peanut butter. Camping basics.
  5. Turn your yard into a slip-n-slide.  This one requires more parental supervision. 
  6. Take a day trip to somewhere you've never been.  There are tons of places to go and find fun activities to do.
  7. Swim.  Everyone likes the water.  Whether you're just relaxing or full-out dog paddling.  Check with your city for a local swimming pool.
  8. Have a water balloon fight.  It's another fun water activity.  The clean up is the worse part unless you get hit by an unexpected water balloon.
  9. Grill out together.  Each person in the family is responsible for one piece of the cookout.  This brings closeness and teamwork to the forefront. 
  10. Kickball.  If you have a competitive edge then this might be a fun filled activity for your whole family or community.  
What is your favorite family summer activity?


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