Worth a Look: Speedier Adoptions, Food Safety, and Professional Webinar

This month is National Foster Care to recognize the needs of foster care.  It also serves to educate people on foster care and how they could play a part in making it better.

Speedier Adoptions

The Alabama Legislature has passed a bill to make the state's adoption process much quicker.  The "Best Interest of the Child Act" will shorten the adoption process and make it much quicker for youth to be adopted.  Currently it could take several years for adoption.  Full Article

Food Safety

It's officially Spring on the calendar, but the weather hasn't exactly felt so Spring-like.  With the anticipation of warmer sunny weather around the corner means that grills are going to be out in full force.  Before cooking that juicy delicious piece of meat there are several things to do before you cook.  Food safety tips.

Free Webinar for Professionals!

Take full advantage of this free webinar.  Supporting Youth in Transition: Importance of Caseworker Visits  |Register|

It's scholarship time!  Here's a list of scholarships.  Please leave a comment if you can add more.


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