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(Free) Webinar- Affordable Healthcare Act and Youth - Helping Youth Transition

The Solutions Desk invites you to participate in this free webinar, in whick policy research experts and analysts will highlight components of the Affordable Care Act and provide information on federal resources for more information for those working with youth.  This webinar will also review the unique issues in the heath and health care for youth transitioning out of adolescence. Wednesday, May 22nd https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/583695242

A practical guide for people who have disabilities and want to go to college

This all inclusive guide is also a wealth of information for everyone going to college.  It covers how to pick the right school; how to pay for college; managing your disability; and finding a job. Guide

Exercise for good health

Everyone knows that exercise promotes good health.  Exercise can be difficult and sometimes just plain boring.  Find out why exercise is important for your well being.  It's good for you mentally, emotionally and physically.  Why Exercise Is Wise

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