Worth a Look: Finding a Summer Job


Summer is a popular time for youth to make money.  Don't allow the negative economic news turn you away from looking for a job.  There are plenty of opportunities for youth.

Why should you look for a job?

1. You will gain meaningful work experience.  When you enter the real world people want to see you have work experience.  The experience you gain will help you gain more responsibility and possibly more pay. 

2. Your interviewing skills will be sharpened.  If you have ever been to a job interview, you know how nerve racking it can be sitting in front of the hiring person.  The more you interview the more comfortable you are.

3. You will learn something new.  There is a learning opportunity at every job, even if you think you have mastered it. 

4. You will learn people skills.  The work place is a culmination of many types of people.  You will learn how to interact with many types of people.

Where to find summer work...

  • Check with local companies.  Walk inside and ask to speak with the hiring manager.  Tell them your are interested in summer work.
  • Start your own business.  Cutting grass is an easy and quick way to make money and set your own hours.  You could also paint, wash cars, keep pets.
  • Find a job at a local summer camp.  Camps are always looking for help.
  • Visit Fox 6 Jobs for Kids http://www.myfoxal.com/category/184251/kids-and-jobs

What ideas do you have for finding summer work?


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