Worth a Look: Foster Parents, Essay Competition, Mom & Daughter

Foster Parents wish...

Parents face adversity, new challenges when they accept the responsibility caring for foster youth.  This article is excellent at articulating thirteen points they wish other people knew.  It's very insightful, and worth sharing too!  You may have some things to add to the list.  Leave your thoughts in the comments.


This six minute video talks about how to maintain a healthy climate inside of a home.  A must watch.

Essay Competition:

YC Maganize is giving away $150 first place, $75 second place and $50 third place for a essay competition.  Follow the link for more information!


Mom & Daughter:

Deisy Hurtado is a girl who went full circle with her relationship with her mom.  They had such a close knit relationship until Deisy became a teenager.  Things changes quickly, so quickly that their once close relationship feel to pieces.  It was almost like they were strangers living in the same house.  However, Deisy and her mom found a key ingredient to their compromise.



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