Worth a Look: Bullying, Drug Abuse Guide, & Planned Parenthood


What do you know about bullying?  Have you been bullied?

Helping kids deal with bullies

"Bullying is intentional tormenting in physical, verbal, or psychological ways. It can range from hitting, shoving, name-calling, threats, and mocking to extorting money and treasured possessions. Some kids bully by shunning others and spreading rumors about them. Others use email, chat rooms, instant messages, social networking websites, and text messages to taunt others or hurt their feelings."

Cyber bullying is real and active today.  1 and 3 kids have been cyber bullied.  Learn the warning signs that a child is being bullied.

Teach your kids not to bully others.  Help them to stop bullying others.

Drug Abuse Guide

Drug abuse is rampant in our neighborhoods.  Turn to this complete guide of how to deal with drug abuse.

Planned Parenthood

Half of all teens feel uncomfortable talking to their parents about sex while only 19 percent of parents feel the same, new survey shows.


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