Finding Poetry in Foster Care

We all have enjoyed some form of poetry.  Poetry comes in many forms like Emily Dickinson, Coldplay, Snoop Dog or Phillip Hodge.

Phillip Hodge may not ring a bell.  He is a former foster care youth who found rapping to be his poetry.  Phillip like many foster care youth had a difficult childhood.

He would use rapping as a form of medication to the stress that was around him.  He found music to be his outlet through a Baptist Children's Home who encouraged him to channel his anxiety through music.

Hodge would go on to age out of foster care and find life after.  With a strong attitude he has been able to overcome a lot of personal difficulties through music.

Little did he know that one day he would share the same stage as Snoop Dog.

In addition to his music, Hodge has been giving back to those much like himself.  He does this through three organizations.  One of which supports breast cancer that he created called No Different Than You.

The biggest piece of advice Hodge said is foster youth having families that really care about them.

"If they don't believe they can make it and become somebody, look at me and listen to my story," he said, "I'm going to continue to succeed, and I'm going to do it for them."

To hear more about Hodge's story watch the video below.

For the full story read here.


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