Worth a Look: 2-22-13

Most sports have either winded down, out of season, or about to start back again.  Whether you play football, dance, hockey, or perform track and field among many other sports, you have a lot of options to choose.  If you are looking for a sport to play, allow teenshealth.org to help you in this decision.

Choosing the Right Sport:

Lately there has been a lot of talk about sports supplements in the news.  You have probably read about several athletics who have been busted for using illegal supplements.  We want you to be educated and not make decisions that could lead you into serious trouble.

This article has knowledge about supplements and alternative methods to supplements:

If you are considering steroids instead- DON'T.  Here's why:

Here are a few famous sport figures that was once in foster care.
Alonzo Mourning (Basketball) 
Billy Mills (Olympian)
Michael Oher (Football)- movie based on his life entitled The Blind Side


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