Worth a look: IRS, health & teen driving

Tax season is upon us.  Within the next several months millions of people are filling their taxes.  If you have adopted a child, you may qualify for a tax break.  Any form of monetary relief is encouraging and welcoming.  Visit the IRS's adoption benefit FAQ page to find where you qualify.

adoption benefits faq

When's the last time you got home from work and your stomach was crying for food substance?  Probably yesterday.  Kids are much like us they crave food after a busy and long day at school.  Here are easy tips to eat more healthy foods.

healthy food tips

Pealed rubber, tire tracks, and a visit by the police officer is not how you want to begin your driving record.  Helping teens drive safer on the roads is a parents responsibility.  Teens need someone to teach them the rules of the road.  Check out these easy tips to use with your teen.

teens driving

Quote of the week: Patience is also a form of action. -Auguste Rodin

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