NRCYD summer internship

We are excited to announce the NRCYD summer internship.  The scholarship is offered to former FosterClub All-Stars, or Outstanding Young Leaders, Young Adult Training and Technical Assistance Network (YATTA) members or National Youth in Transition (NYTD) Representatives to fill the 2 summer internship positions.

This will be the seventh set of summer interns.  Those who apply will be in a pool of competitive candidates. They are looking for young leaders that have had previous internship experience, are knowledgeable in child welfare legislation, have been a leader in their state, has had some work experience and conducts themselves as a young professional.

If you know someone that would be an ideal candidate please forward this information to them.

Scholarship application

Deadline to apply is February 15, 2013.  Candidates completing the full application process should expect to be contacted for a phone interview.  NRCYD will make internship selections by the week of April 1, 2013.

Visit NRCYD's website for more information 


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