Mental Health of U.S. Teens

Research has shown that one in five teens has a diagnosable mental health disorder.  It is estimated that 60 to 90 percents of those will not receive any type of care.  Teen males between the ages of 16 and 17 are the least likely to receive any type of treatment.  These figures are astounding to know that teens have the likelihood for mental disorders.  One hampering factor to diagnosing is the huge shortage of professional workers who will assist teens.

The teen years are typically when mental health issues will surface.  As teens bodies change their chemical makeup begins to release new personality traits.  Teens with mental disorders are more likely to engage in alcohol and drug abuse leading them to a much deeper problem.  Depression is the most prevalent mental health issue.  Learn the warning signs of teen depression: warning signs.  If a teen exhibits these traits take them seriously and seek professional help because the third leading cause of death among young people is suicide.  Mental health disorders are treatable.

A resilient personality with alleviate major roadblocks down the road to adulthood.  Teens who are resilient are more likely to not be prey to mental health disorders.  They are also less likely to be a substance abuser and more out to cope easier with difficult circumstances.  Follow these simple tips of how teens can promote a resilient attitude:

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