Foster care to successful inspirational speaker

Inspirational Speaker and Author Derek Clark has BIG NEWS!

Antwone Fisher (from the inspiring Antwone Fisher movie starring Denzel Washington) and Derek Clark, both highly successful public speakers, have decided to do a series of events together to share their stories of hope and self reliance.  Their series will spread good news of hope, the kind of hope that provides strength to lift you from life's darkest depths of despair to its highest height of love, happiness and forgiveness.

Antwone Fisher and Derek Clark were both in foster care.  They have experienced tough circumstances through their childhood and adolescent years.

Their success wasn't through magic, but the choices they made and their individual decision to make a better life for themselves through determination, discipline, honesty, self-reflection and hard work.

Watch an inspiring clip of Derek Clark on the Ricki Lake Show.  The end of the video has very important information for foster care youth.


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