Teens Need Forever Families Too

We began the journey of adoption several years ago when God opened our hearts to the many faces of Alabama’s waiting children - the faces of children which were not infants or toddlers. Many had physical or emotional concerns, but they were the faces of children in need of a home. We are amazed and incredibly thankful for the family God has put together for us. 

Five of our adopted children were foster parent adoptions. Being foster parents definitely had its challenges. Yet at the same time, the rewards far outweighed the heartaches. Our most recent two adoptions are children who were featured on adoptuskids.org, a website dedicated to finding families for children who are waiting and  longing for permanency.

Our eighth child was adopted in September 2010 on her 16th birthday. Practically growing up in foster care, she was often told she would not be adopted because of her race and age. “Couples want to adopt healthy newborns,” she was told. As she watched other foster children in her foster home leave because of reunification or adoption, she began to lose hope. She started to believe that being a 15 year old African American would be the barrier to turn couples away from really wanting her.  Little did she know that four hours away, there was a family scrolling through a website where she was featured. When we saw her photo on adoptuskids.org, it was “magnified” among the others. After an inquiry and waiting for what seemed like eternity, the call came that our family was being considered to adopt her. The excitement we felt was almost uncontainable!

The day the social worker told our daughter we “wanted her” to join our family, she laughed and laughed and didn’t believe her! As the worker showed her our photo album and gave her a letter we had written to her, she began to cry… literally weeping tears of joy.  For the first time in her life she felt wanted! Someone INDEED wanted her! A family! A big family, at that! A real family to call her own, a forever home!  For her, it was a “miracle.” Hope is a powerful emotion. It took root deep within our daughter’s heart as she began to prepare for such an incredible, life-changing journey. We can’t imagine being a family without her! 

We’re so thankful for our “rainbow” family.  Such beautiful colors of individual hearts woven neatly together by God to create a family. Our family.

Adoption …… it’s a journey of miracles.

Anne Smith


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