Support The Alabama Foster And Adoptive Parent Association

The Alabama Foster & Adoptive Parent Association has been chosen to participate in a contest through the Peoples Bank of Alabama. They are having a contest on Facebook for Charities that customers at their bank called Giving Back 2012.

To vote you must vote from a computer and have a Facebook profile. If you are not on Facebook, it only takes a few minutes to create an account. You can find out about the contest by going to the Alabama FosterParent Facebook page.

Please spend just a few minutes that could help a foster child receive a scholarship. You can vote each day until the contest is over.

Grand Prize
Voting within the top 10 charities will result in the top three (3) of those ten (10) splitting a Grand Prize of $35,000.
2nd Prize
Ten (10) charities will receive at least $2,500.

Contest Instructions
Participants will be able to vote for one charity, once per day.
On August 1st voting for Top 10 will end. Voting for the Top 3 from the finalists will start soon after, commencing on August 8th

NOTE: You must accept the application request to VOTE. You will only need to do this ONCE during the entire contest

Any money that AFAPA wins in the contest will be deposited directly into the Scholarship Fund to help pay for scholarships for foster youth. Because of an increase in donations to our scholarship fund in the past 2 years we have been able to give scholarships to all those who submitted a completed application.


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